It all started with a little curiosity

An inquisitive mind, a quick question, a second glance

The next thing you know, you’re exploring new ideas, discovering places

The insignificant becomes clear, the beauty of everyday life surrounds you

You are charmed by simple conversations, people delight and surprise you

Suddenly you stand in wonder and awe about the world

This journey takes you to uncharted places and

It all started with a little curiosity

Welcome to the Wild Library!

This is a curated collection of the stories that sparked my curiosity and wonder. I hope you enjoy perusing this unique library and that these stories will inspire, motivate, and entertain you.

About the storyteller

Wild Library_by_Chantelle Elizabeth Turner

Chantelle’s a cat mother

And considers herself a nature-lover

Her garden’s always growing

Her writing’s not always flowing

She works as a volunteer

And goes exploring when the sky is clear

Mostly hiking

Sometimes mountain biking

She’s Henry’s happy wife

And she enjoys the finer things in life

Books, art and good food

These things put her in a happy mood

She knows this is an awful rhyme

and she hopes you’ll forgive her this time