Welcome to the Wild Library blog!

My love of storytelling started at a young age as I listened to family members tell anecdotes. As these hilarious and sometimes bizarre stories unfolded, different people would chip-in to add their bit and in the process, a rich and colourful story came to life. I still enjoy listening to stories: quick conversations in a supermarket, random encounters, or snippets overheard by chance. These interactions are beautiful and such a fundamental part of what connect us as humans. I capture these moments in short stories and musings on the blog.

Books were also an ever-available source of imagination and creativity. I read ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘The Lord of the Rings’ when I was twelve and I’ve enjoyed epic fantasy series ever since. I’ll always remember how sad I was when I finished ‘The Lord of the Rings’ (for the first time); I couldn’t believe this story was now ‘told’ and I would never experience its magic in the same way again. After this, there was no turning back and I devoured any book I could find! I fondly remember lugging a huge hardcover collection of H.G. Well’s stories along on holiday. Today I read a wide variety of genre’s and I aim to read as many authors from different cultures as I can. For me, books are small windows into other people’s lives and there’s so much we can learn from them. I have a Wild Reading List that I regularly update with book reviews and recommendations. There’s really something for everyone.

Stories don’t always have to be grand epics. We all have stories to tell and I’m sharing these in a series called Stories that Inspire. Often the people who inspire us most are the ‘everyday’ role-models in our lives. Friends, peers, colleagues and family members who are doing amazing things – going on new journeys, starting businesses or side-hustles, or overcoming personal obstacles. They are people we can relate to and learn from. They are the ones who encourage us. So, I thought I’d tell these stories because if I find them uplifting and inspiring, chances are that you will too.

Stories are all around us. They shape us and connect us in a very real way. The Wild Library blog is a unique library of stories that inspired, motivated, and entertained me. Whether you’re popping in for a quick visit or taking some time to peruse the blog, you’re very welcome here. I hope you enjoy these stories as much as I do.

About the author

Chantelle’s a South African living in Dublin. Her house is filled with books, plants, unfinished laundry, and random scraps of paper with notes, lists, doodles, stories, and ideas. She and her husband, Henry, share their home with their beautiful baby daughter and their two mischievous cats. Chantelle’s studying towards a master’s degree in English, which is great for her because it means more reading and writing! When she has a spare moment, she writes poems and short stories for the 12 Short Stories community. She loves gardening, taking long walks, drinking tea, and spying on her neighbours. If she could be anything, she’d be a weeping willow tree next to a river in a large park where she could enjoy the outdoors and listen to people’s stories.