My year of ‘flow’

I used to love new year’s resolutions when I was a child. I’d make a list each year with bright markers. It was immensely gratifying to tick things off the list as the year went by. Achieving these goals felt straightforward. I didn’t make any new year’s resolutions for 2020. Instead, I thought something more abstract might work and I chose a word as a theme for my year, something I can aspire to: Flow. 2020 would be a year of ‘flow.’ Except, it was not...

Patience and Perseverance While You Wait – Rina’s Story

Do you sometimes feel your dreams are elusive, as if each time you reach for them, they slip through your fingers? Our journeys don’t always lead us down a straight path. Sometimes there are detours or long periods of waiting before we can accomplish our goals. What we need is patience and perseverance, attributes that are not always cultivated in our fast-paced, just-do-it, get-your-fix-now culture. This is why Rina’s story is such a breath of fresh air. The dedication, patience, and hard work she put into becoming a small business owner, despite many challenges, is the inspiration I needed to keep me going during this crazy year.

Three Books That Got Me Through The First Six Months Of Motherhood

No amount of reading will prepare you for the first months of motherhood. That being said, there are some books that I found useful as I navigated the first six months of keeping (myself and) my little human alive, well, and happy. There are so many conflicting opinions about what you should and shouldn't do and before you know it, your head’s spinning and you start to question yourself and your good intentions. Sound familiar? Read on.

Life’s Better on a Mountain Bike – Victoria’s Story

I loved chatting with Victoria. You can tell she’s passionate about what she does, and it’s not just mountain biking, although that’s undoubtedly part of it. For her, it’s about how the sport has the potential to empower women and boost their confidence, something she’s experienced first-hand. But it wasn’t always like this. Before she even tried mountain biking, Victoria worked a high-stress job that left her at the edge of her mental and physical reserves. One day she tried mountain biking with her partner, Wessel: She fell, she cried and got frustrated. But through her unwavering determination, she went on to become a certified instructor! Now she’s running her own business, Ride like a Girl, where she teaches other women the skills they need to feel confident on their bikes. This is Victoria’s story.

It gets easier, mama

My journal entry on 23 May read: This is hard. That’s all it says. On that particular evening, I only had the energy and emotional capacity to write down those words. It had been a long day and a long week, and I was exhausted. don’t feel this way every day. In fact, I don’t feel this way most days. Motherhood is wonderful, surprising, exciting, rewarding, and all those beautiful things people told you it would be. I’ll even go so far as to say it’s been the best experience of my life. Despite the bliss and the joys, there are days when it just feels so hard! It’s not just the parenting that feels overwhelming, it’s about settling into the new rhythm and flow of my days. For me, that’s what’s hard.

A Tale for the Time Being – Ruth Ozeki

A Hello Kitty lunchbox. A writer on a remote island suffering from writer’s block. Musings on the nature of Time. A bullied teenage girl in Japan. A watch. A Buddhist nun. Big philosophical questions. A cat called Pesto. Proust. A suicidal software developer. Tsunamis and Twin Towers. A World War Two kamikaze pilot… This is Ruth Ozeki’s 'A Tale for the Time Being.'