The Wild Places by Robert Macfarlane – Book Review

Are there any wild places left in Ireland and Britain? In his book, The Wild Places, Robert Macfarlane embarks on a journey through mountains, islands, moors, forests, salt marshes, and more, searching for ‘wildness’.  But Macfarlane must revaluate his own ideas and preconceptions about ‘wildness’ as he discovers and maps the so called ‘wild places’ on these islands in this well-researched book. His search takes him to a variety of landscapes, from the hostile pinnacle of Ben Hope to the fascinating Burren in Ireland. Each landscape is unique and layered as natural and human history entwine.

9 days – poem

A poem for the last week and a half. Thank goodness it’s the weekend. It was still raining yesterday but we made the most of the day and went for a lovely rainy-day walk. There's something soothing about walking on a quiet rainy day in summer... The world feels softer, like it's wrapped in wool, and yet your senses come alive with the smell of rain on the earth and the touch of droplets against your skin. I'm still hopeful for some sunshine this weekend, though! Because there's something wonderful about seeing the sun on a busy summer's day 🙂

Speed Well and Stay Safe: Identifying Wildflowers in March

March was a great time to start identifying Ireland’s plant species. We spent more time outdoors as the days became warmer. It was incredible to see the first spring leaves shimmering on trees and shrubs and the forsythia and magnolias blooming in suburban gardens re-energised my lockdown spirit. Even though I was excited about this new adventure, it felt a little daunting and I was uncertain where to start.