Speed Well and Stay Safe: Identifying Wildflowers in March

March was a great time to start identifying Ireland’s plant species. We spent more time outdoors as the days became warmer. It was incredible to see the first spring leaves shimmering on trees and shrubs and the forsythia and magnolias blooming in suburban gardens re-energised my lockdown spirit. Even though I was excited about this new adventure, it felt a little daunting and I was uncertain where to start.

New Adventure: Identifying Ireland’s Wildflowers

I’m always stopping on walks to examine flowers, shrubs, and trees but I'm not familiar with many of the plant and bird species in Ireland and I find this weirdly unsettling. This is where ‘Wild Flowers of Ireland and Britain’ come in - I’m hoping to learn more about Ireland by identifying as many plants, trees, and grasses as I can this year. I’d love for you to join me on this adventure!