9 days – poem

A poem for the last week and a half. Thank goodness it’s the weekend. It was still raining yesterday but we made the most of the day and went for a lovely rainy-day walk. There's something soothing about walking on a quiet rainy day in summer... The world feels softer, like it's wrapped in wool, and yet your senses come alive with the smell of rain on the earth and the touch of droplets against your skin. I'm still hopeful for some sunshine this weekend, though! Because there's something wonderful about seeing the sun on a busy summer's day 🙂

Leave a Garden – Poem

I create a garden every time I move to a new rental house. It’s hard work and I seldom stay long enough to truly reap the rewards of my efforts. But planting and tending a new garden is a rewarding and special process in itself. Even though I know there’s a good chance the next renters will leave the garden to die or grow wild, I believe it’s better to leave a garden when you go.

Pictures & Poems – When sisters collaborate

My sister’s an extremely talented artist and I’ve always admired her ability to catch a moment or emotion with her art. We’d been talking about collaborating on a project, so I sent her some poems and she worked on illustrations to accompany them. Her illustrations developed and shaped the stories in a completely new way, which allowed me to reduce the poems to their bare essence.