Lunch with dad

'Lunchtime’ means different things to different people and the way people spend their lunchtime can give you a sneak peek into their lives. If I’m in a restaurant or cafe during lunchtime, I’m always curious to see how people react towards their meals. A couple of weeks ago I was privileged enough to witness the most adorable family-lunch in a cafe.

Explore Prague at Night

Prague is a beautiful city and a top choice for many visitors as it offers a variety of sites and attractions at relatively reasonable prices. Unfortunately, if you're visiting in high season you have to face the jostling crowds. Although there will always be lots of people about, we found that exploring the city centre at night not only meant less camera wielding tourists, but it also gave us a chance to experience Prague's dream-like atmosphere. Here's why it's worth exploring Prague at night.

Dreams, Dirt and Personal Growth

We all have dreams about the life we think we’ll lead and the person we hope to become, but sometimes life throws a fantastic curve ball your way and you grow into the person you were always meant to be. This is the story of how a fabulous corporate girl turned into a go-getter, hands-dirty, full-time mom, with an enormous vegetable garden and a big heart.