Brave Enough

People don’t like change, especially not a wild out-of-our-control change threatening our perfect plans. It leaves us anxious and uncertain but it’s exactly this period of waiting and wondering that calls for bravery.

Pompeii by Robert Harris – Book Review

Can you imagine the pandemonium of emotions people must feel when a slumbering volcano suddenly erupts? Robert Harris uncovers the fear, panic and confusion of this frightening experience in Pompeii. The events around the catastrophic eruption are explored with a fresh and interesting angle through various Roman citizens' viewpoint. With his in-depth historic knowledge, Harris brings the intrigues, cruelty and splendour of the Roman empire to life.

Lunch with dad

'Lunchtime’ means different things to different people and the way people spend their lunchtime can give you a sneak peek into their lives. If I’m in a restaurant or cafe during lunchtime, I’m always curious to see how people react towards their meals. A couple of weeks ago I was privileged enough to witness the most adorable family-lunch in a cafe.