Stories that Inspire

I’m excited to tell you about a new series of stories on the Wild Library blog called ‘Stories that Inspire.’ A while ago I had a conversation with someone about role-models and heroes. I don’t have any ‘famous’ role-models. There are well-known people whose work or contribution to society I admire, but I don’t see them as role-models. Their lifestyles or circumstances are just too far removed from my own to relate with, and/or their current level of success feels too intimidating and unattainable. These individuals are often hailed as heroes, but this can be problematic. Like all of us they make mistakes and the idealistic ‘hero-image’ sets everyone up for disappointment and frustration. Often the people who inspire us most are the ‘everyday’ role-models in our lives. Friends, peers, colleagues and family members who are doing amazing things – going on new journeys, starting businesses or side-hustles, or overcoming personal obstacles. They are people we can relate to and learn from. They are the ones who encourage us. So, I thought I’d tell these stories, because if I find them uplifting and inspiring, chances are that you will too.

Do you remember Dreams, Dirt and Personal Growth – this was the first ‘unofficial’ story in the series. I have a number of new stories lined up and I’ll be sharing another one with you later this week; be on the lookout for Food – Friend or Foe? I hope you enjoy these personal tales of trials and triumphs just as much as I do.

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