It gets easier, mama

My journal entry on 23 May read: This is hard. That’s all it says. On that particular evening, I only had the energy and emotional capacity to write down those words. It had been a long day and a long week, and I was exhausted. don’t feel this way every day. In fact, I don’t feel this way most days. Motherhood is wonderful, surprising, exciting, rewarding, and all those beautiful things people told you it would be. I’ll even go so far as to say it’s been the best experience of my life. Despite the bliss and the joys, there are days when it just feels so hard! It’s not just the parenting that feels overwhelming, it’s about settling into the new rhythm and flow of my days. For me, that’s what’s hard.

Brave Enough

People don’t like change, especially not a wild out-of-our-control change threatening our perfect plans. It leaves us anxious and uncertain but it’s exactly this period of waiting and wondering that calls for bravery.