Lost in London

Do you enjoy talking to strangers when you’re travelling or commuting? Do yourself a favour: every once in a while, put away your smartphone/ kindle/ book, take out your earphones and listen to your fellow travellers’ stories.

Lost in London - Poetry - Wild Library Blog

this your first trip to london?

it’s probably the next stop
i’m not too sure
wish i could help you

we often take this train but
trains are tricky
stops and routes and mixed signals

my daughter’s engaged
to an italian!
we’re fetching his family from the airport
trains and trams and subways
it’s all very complicated
and well
they’re italian

the wedding will be in italy
a nice summer celebration
won’t that be fine!
i’m paying
so i told them
i want a nice-summer-italian-wedding

this train goes past my daughter’s apartment
yes at this stop
you can see it over there
do you see it?

she’s not in
of course
she’s at work
we’ll see her this weekend
the young ones are so busy
always on the go
you know how it is
sure you do!

but i’m looking forward to that summer wedding

here we are
i don’t know for sure
but you should probably disembark here

enjoy london my dear
And don’t get lost*


*I had a very pleasant conversation with this man while trying to navigate London’s public transport system. His advice was friendly and well meant, but unfortunately, I got off at the wrong station. It made for a good story, though! 

Do you enjoy talking to strangers when you travel? Any funny encounters? Let me know in the comments!

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