life lessons (from your 20’s)

1 April 2019. Today I’m celebrating my 30th birthday! So, I wrote a little something to capture all the valuable life lessons I’ve learnt during my 20’s. Perhaps you can relate…

look left
look right
look left
don’t lose your head

cross the unknown
step light, stay calm

just go!

nothing left here
green grass beckons

but first!

look left
look right
look left
before you step

criss-crossed roads
will tangle your feet


it’s snakes and ladders
keep those ducks in a row


look left
look right
look left
you’re hesitating

only a stone’s throw away
whoops, you’re doubly crossed now

too late!

lost your way, wrong direction
turn back turn back turn back

look left
look right
look left
deep breath, start again


if you plan to keep
your precious little head

Happy April Fools day! Sorry if you were tricked into reading this poem, hopefully it made you smile.

And I’m only joking, of course! I’ve learnt many valuable lessons during my 20’s, and I’m sure one day I’ll figure out what they are. 😉

If you found yourself enjoying this foolish poem, give Lost in London or Pictures and Poems a try. If you never want to miss another story, scroll down and click Follow Wild Library.

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