Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier – Book Review

A long overdue quick book review.

Ghosts from your past can shape the course of your entire future. Those nagging regrets, debilitating fears, the ‘what if’s’ following you around like a shadow.

Jealousy, secrets, and mysteries permeate the story of a shy young bride who finds she has big shoes to fill as the new mistress of the hauntingly beautiful Mandalay. Rebecca, the former mistress of the house who died in a boating accident only a few months earlier, quickly seeps into every crevice of the story with her overwhelming presence.

‘Rebecca’ will creep under your skin and stay with you for years to come.

Du Maurier does atmosphere well. Her enchanting prose creates a heaviness throughout the narrative – It’s like being stuck in a beautiful swamp, the mud pulling at your feet, but you barely notice because your head is filled with the heady perfume of azaleas. Mandalay is the main setting for most of the book and with its grandeur and mysteries, it’s a home that’s somehow never a home… The main character is shy and timid to the point of frustration, but she’s salvaged by her developmental arch.

This one’s dark and brooding but beautifully written. I enjoyed it and will likely read it again sometime.


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